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Notes PP 9.1

Notes PP 9.1: Sticky notes for Windows. Post desktop stickies, reminders. Note taking software Notes PP - note taking software for Windows that helps you organize information. Notes PP easily reminds about daily tasks and special dates and events. Using note taking software you can create desktop sticky notes & reminders, post notes on desktop, send desktop notes over LAN/Internet, associate sticky notes with programs/files/windows, organizer stickies in groups. Notes PP is easy notes organizer with high security. Download sticky notes

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ArcNotes 1.00

Notes? ArcNotes is just designed for you to solve the above problems. ArcNotes is a simple yet powerful notes system. ArcNotes can help you manage and organize your notes and everyday affairs with simplicity and efficiency.With the steamlined interface, the fully functional alarm and powerful notes managing ability, you will get nothing missed! Besides the basic notes managing functions such as adding, editing and removing the notes, ArcNotes also

notes, to do, alarm, calendar, list, note

NotesToMyself 3.0: Simple, effective note keeping program. Click Task Bar icon. Invaluable tool!
NotesToMyself 3.0

Simple, effective note keeping program. Add icon to Task Bar and Notes is one click away for use while using any other program. An invaluable working tool. Categorize note topic for searching. Cut and paste to and from Notes from other programs or websites, each note over 5000 characters. Delete or archive old notes. Takes very little space and uses little resources. All notes can become reminderswith due dates.

organizing tool, reminders, reference, notes, post it notes, reduce clutter, help, to do lists, note keeping

NoteScribe 1.10: A note-taking software designed to assist with organizing notes on your computer
NoteScribe 1.10

NoteScribe is a premier note-taking and organizational program developed to assist students, professors, researchers, or anyone else in the organization of their notes, papers, study materials or any other digital information they choose to manage. Notes can be easily organized and quickly accessed by using NoteScribe`s organizational tools, which allows the user to arrange and access their notes by categories, sources, and key words. NoteScribe`

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WhizFolders Organizer Pro 5.6.3: Effectively manage all your notes with this heavy-duty note organizer
WhizFolders Organizer Pro 5.6.3

Effectively manage all your notes with this heavy-duty note organizer and outliner. Use the familiar two-pane arrangement to organize the list of notes on the left and to edit the note on the right. A note can have rich text along with pictures, links and even ole objects. You may not find a note organizer as flexible as WhizFolders. A nice balloon help tutorial helps you get started and become productive in minutes.

outliner, clipboard, note manager, notepad, organizer, note taking

Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) 5.1: FREE Sticky notes software for Windows. Sticky notes freeware. Post notes free.
Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) 5.1

FREE sticky notes software to keep information on PC desktop. You can create desktop sticky notes using different fonts, colors; post notes on desktop, modify desktop sticky notes, organize sticky notes, automatically save sticky notes, create sticky notes with different priorities, lock sticky notes. Free note taking software to send sticky notes over LAN/Internet. Download note taking freeware to organize your info - Sticky Notes freeware.

windows, desktop, free sticky notes, program, sticky, free, tool, freeware, desktop sticky notes, create, sticky notes freeware, free notetaking, note

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Personal Notes for Windows Mobile 6.0 1.0

Personal Notes allows you to use your Pocket PC as a comfortable note book, with ability of division by alphabet and on groups (Personal, Business, Family, Other, Notes), which will help you to manage with your notes easily. All pages when saved are put in folder \\My Documents in format of .pwi (Pocket Notes) automatically. That is why you can easily send your pages by Email, just include files created by Personal Notes into your message.

personal notes, cheap, pocket pc, comfortable, easy, software, windows mobile, free

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